Celebrating the Preppy Lifestyle and it's sensibilities



Are you constantly referring to how great things were in days gone by?  Alternatively, see nothing wrong with serving food on paper plates to guests occasionally.  Is dancing the cha-cha-cha a hoot at a party?  The following is a brief list of preppy fixations.
Note-If you answer yes to more than fifty percent of the questions you are running the risk of being

1. Do you find debating stimulating, even if you're not sure of the topic?

2. Do you refuse to wear white after Labor Day?

3. If you could, would you monogram your tombstone?

4. Does the whole Ivy League thing bore you senseless?

5. Did you secretly wish to be expelled from boarding school?

6. When meeting someone for the first time, do you use simple speech or do you try to impress with flowery words?

5. Do you feel snobbery a pastime for the ordinary and uncivilized?

6. Is an old, rusty BMW or Volvo a sweet ride

7. Do you sometimes wear a headscarf (for women) or an ascot (for men) for fun?

8. Have you ever dreamt of one day sailing in the America's Cup?

9. Did your grandmother or mother own or inherit a sterling silver tea server the size of a jeep wagoneer?

10. Should tailgating be mandatory at all sporting events, even if booze is the only item served?

11. Do you loathe anyone without manners?

12. Do you consider civility the backbone of society?

13. Is a frayed garment simply a sign of character?

14. Do you feel lily Pulitzer is a god? 

15. Do you know what a "claw and ball" refers?

16. Does any male relative have a suffix after their name?

17. Can hors d’oeuvre be perfectly fine as food?

18. You know the difference between black tie and white tie, right?

19. Was the Catcher in the Rye required reading in your school?

20. Do you believe no self respecting woman would ever not own at least one pearl   necklace?

21. Do you vacation in the same region, with the same people most of the time?

22. Do you cringe whenever you hear drapes instead of curtains?

23. Is chintz the only acceptable fabric for summer slipcovers?

24. Do you refer to your dwelling as a house or a home?

25. Do you believe a tweed jacket is the perfect fabric for hunting?

26. Do you understand the meaning of the term “how nice”?

27. Is having a trust fund nothing more than a headache?

28. Do you believe everyone should invest in a good writing pen?

29. Are G&Ts great for summer? Hot cider great for winter, and bloodies great anytime?

30. Are J. Press and Brooks Brothers the only clothiers for real men?

31. Is fancy, tacky?

32. Are heirlooms nothing more than hand-me-downs?

33. Do you secretly revel in the fact that you found a great item in a thrift store?

34. Can you write a book on why manners matter?

35. Do you know the difference between antique and vintage?

36. Are you so over the pink and green thing?

37. Do you have more family photos and paintings than wall space?

38. Is old always better than new?

39. Have you ever worn loafers sockless to a X-mas Party?

40. Do you not get the whole prep thing?

O.C.C, Jr.

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