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Will Annapolis’s own Matt Rutherford go down in history as one of the great sailors or just a crazy guy with too much time on his hands? The avid sailor single-handedly sailed across the north Atlantic eventually reaching England. While on his 32 foot Pearson, he ventured through Northern Europe, down the coast of Africa, and racked up 200 frequent sailing miles up the Gambia River before returning to Annapolis by the Trade Wind route.

This time around, Matt Rutherford has chosen to do what has not been done before. Matt is sailing east to west through the Northwest Passage, alone. The amazing thing about this voyage is Matt is using a 27 foot Albin-Vega donated to his charity, “The Chesapeake Regional Assessable Boating” aka CRAB.

Matt has been working with the organization, located in Annapolis that helps disabled persons to get out and enjoy the water. This challenge is not just a personal one for Matt it is aimed at raising money for CRAB. He is accepting sponsorship in the form of ‘money for miles’ and all donations will go to supporting CRAB.

Matt began this ambitious voyage in June and hopes to complete the 23,000 nautical miles. Thus far, he made it through the Northwest Passage, and even saw Russia. He is now heading for Cape Horn and hoping to round it by March 1, 2012. Then he will be heading up the east coast toward the Chesapeake Bay. This voyage will take roughly 10 ½ months to complete at 80 miles per day.

This is a tremendous feat and test of will by a guy who literally taught himself to sail. Matt, we are rooting for you back here in Annapolis.  God Speed!!!

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