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Can you remember as a youngster the first time you smelled pipe tobacco?  Perhaps it was granddad's pipe when he took you out for your first hunt.  Or simply dad sitting by the fire reading the paper or milling about doing yard work.  For many preps it is an all too familiar smell that brings about a sense of home, a sense of family.  And for those of us who have lost a parent, a sense of honoring and remembering.
It was not only suited for the paternal side of our families.  I actually had a great grandmother who occasionally smoked a pipe.............go figure.

There is something very dignified in smoking a good pipe.  It is personal and an important item in the gentleman's arsenal.  It is not as harsh as say a cigar but is smooth and elegant.  There is an old saying  "the man that smokes a cigar, smokes it for himself but the man that smokes a pipe, smokes it for everyone else". 
I myself took up the hobby after college and enjoy a good pipe when I work outside, or when I'm working on my model boats.

Like most pipe enthusiasts I've come to collect more than several and use them in rotation.
One of my favorites is Peterson's System Pipes of Dublin.

The Peterson System is the mainstay of the Peterson pipe family, famous for the unparalleled smoking pleasure it provides.   Often imitated but never equalled, the Peterson System smokes dry, cool and sweet, thanks to the scientific effectiveness of the original design. The heart of the System is the unique graduated bore in the mouthpiece. The result is that all the moisture flows into the reservoir and, thus cannot reach the smoker's mouth.

The Peterson Lip further enhances the effectiveness of the graduated bore by directing the flow of smoke upwards and away from the tongue. This achieves a uniquely even distribution of smoke and virtually eliminates any chance of tongue-bite or bitterness.

Furthermore, the shape is scientifically contoured so that the tongue rests comfortably in the depression under the opening. Each "P-Lip" mouthpiece is made from superior quality vulcanite.

My own vintage Peterson's System Pipe 317 with a bit of Irish Flake Tobacco

With the P lip mouthpiece removed

Peterson's pipes are ideal for the beginner smoker as they smoke dry, as well as the seasoned smoker for pure enjoyment.  I can't say enough about the aesthetics of their pipes.  They are as beautiful to hold in your hand and observe as they are to smoke.


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Want a perfect coat for hunting or just running errands in the cold winters months?  Think of none other than Woolrich, the original outdoor clothing company.

Nothing can be more WASP/Preppy than their classic wool field coat.  And trust me, their products can be considered heirlooms.  I can attest to that as these two pictures are from my vintage duck hunting model dating back to the early seventies.  Hopefully I too can pass this on to my one day offspring.  The cool thing about this coat is that the interior has little pictures of a hunter and mallards.

I know what some of you are saying.  This coat looks very similar to the Filson Mackinaw Cruiser.  I does have similarities.  This coat is synonymous with the outdoors in America. The rugged wool-blend (Filson model is 100% wool) shell wards off the fiercest weather. It's not only warm, but it sheds water, and the tight weave keeps out bone-chilling breezes.  Two-piece sleeve for a roomier fit; knit storm cuffs in sleeves. Four outer snap pockets, plus hand-warmer pockets and internal security pocket.  Full stowage pocket on back. Under-collar tab keeps collar up to hold out cold and breezes.  For me the great thing about this product is that it is made in America right in Pennsylvania.

The company got its start in 1830 when John Rich, an immigrant from England, built his first woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania. Rich would visit the lumber camps that dotted the area and sell his woolen fabric, socks, coverlets, and yarn from a mule cart.  By 1845, he built a new mill a couple of miles up the road next to Chatham Run, which provided a steadier source of water. That building exists today as part of the group of buildings, homes, and community establishments that have become Woolrich, Pennsylvania.

Rich could certainly not have imagined that his little woolen mill (created not long after the Revolutionary War) would go on to experience the Civil War, the Great Depression, two world wars, and the end of the Cold War. It would witness the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in America, the amazing growth of American cities, and the telecommunications revolution.

The modern day Wool Field Coat in traditional Red Tartan and green model below

Legend has it that Woolrich was the first company to use a zipper in men's trousers. The timeless Railroad Vest, introduced when the railroad was being built through Pennsylvania, is still a popular item. Another garment with roots back to the mid-1800's is the Buffalo Check Shirt that has kept many generations of outdoorsmen warm.

Technological developments, new production methods, and changing American lifestyles led to new products for all types of outdoor activities--all-wool bathing suits and wool golf knickers joined rugged coats for hunters and trappers. As America took to the roads in the early 1930's, Woolrich added automobile robes and steamer rugs for the more mobile society. Woolrich was contracted by the government to outfit Admiral Byrd's expedition to Antarctica in 1939, 1940, and 1941.

Eventually, the introduction of new high-tech materials allowed Woolrich to enhance the performance of its outdoor wear, meeting the needs of a new generation of enthusiasts. Traditional fabrics like wool and cotton teamed up with man-made fibers to create clothing that our customers could rely on for everything from a backpacking trip to a leisurely stroll.

Today the little village of Woolrich is still headquarters for the company, but the business has grown to a worldwide lifestyle company with a full range of outdoor-inspired products, from jackets and shirts to outdoor furniture. The company that provided blankets to the Union soldiers in the Civil War today keeps folks warm under its wonderful throws as they cuddle up by the fireplace. You can buy a wool jacket your great-great grandfather may have worn in the woods or a parka that's all about the latest in advanced technology.  So if you want the true east coast slice of CLASSIC AMERICANA, Woolrich is the spot.
All Woolrich Products can be seen and purchased at

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Winters Snow

Winters Snow
There is beauty in a rural winter's snow
Far away from the city lights
The sound of snowflakes
Gathered in unison
Singing a solitary song
For all the world to hear

There is no competition for power
No political agendas
Only a quiet greatness
And blanket of purity
And a sweet offering to be
Baptized again
In a childlike wonder

While the foolish
Complain in angst
The wise ones will always know
That there is a beauty
In a winters snow

O.C.Cavanaugh 1/26/11

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