Celebrating the Preppy Lifestyle and it's sensibilities


It's official, monograms are now in fashion once again.  Yet monograms have always been a part of the preppy game of identifications.  It was Lisa Birnbach who said it best in the "Official Preppy Handbook," 31 years ago, "Preppies have known it for years: who needs LV or YSL when you can lay claim to a discreet EBW III."  Preppies are fiercely proud of their backgrounds and their names in particular, so much so that they will proudly display monograms on just about anything.

Of course, Preps understand that monograms must be used tastefully. The adage of less is more must have been written by a preppy.  You will never find a monogram on denim, tennis balls, gardens or the latest fad--automobiles.

Their usual "modus operandi" are eyeglass cases, golf bags, clothing, bags, rings, and many household items.

As to why monograms are suddenly the rage is something of a mystery.  One could possibly explain away monograms current appeal on human beings having an inherit need to display personal identification…possibly, or maybe Preps know what the fashion world is now catching on to…monograms are just plain fun.  O.C.C.Jr.

 ETCHED OUT - 1. Hip Flask ( ).
2. Doorknocker ( ).
3. Monogrammed ring ( ).
4. Garden Organizer ( ). 5. Flattening Iron case ( ).
6. Table linen ( ). 7. Earrings ( ).
8. Bucket Hat ( ).  9. Towels
   ( ).  10. Pillows ( ).
11. Loafers ( ).  12. Basket Bag ( ).
13. Clogs ( ).  14. Vintage Luggage ( ).
15. Cuff links ( ).  16. Silverware ( ).
17. Plate ( ).

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