Celebrating the Preppy Lifestyle and it's sensibilities


 Dedicated all of our heroes who've fought for our mighty country.

My home is made of dreams
And fertile soils of majestic ideas
I am America 
I am the comfort of forbears
From here or there
Far and near
Resting at the foot of an apple tree
Eating it's fruit
Singing hymns of yesterday 
and prayers of tomorrow
I am America 
I am the farmer who grows wisdom
I am the mother who nurtures spirit
I am the father who protects at all costs
And I am the children who are the beacons of days to come
I am the family of all that this world has to offer
I am America 
Look to justice, she has seen my face
Look to sin, it will attest to my virtue
Look within the heart
And you will find 
The blood of many
Who have fallen for my grace
I am America 
I am the old yet I am young
The worshiped and forgotten 
These are my children
The many few who have chosen 
My canvas in which to paint
Understand the beauty I behold
I am America 
I am not without my faults, yet I am purity
Though I am still young, my purpose and ideals
Are as old as the hills
I am gifted with genius and masterful with intention
And I serve all who come into my embrace 
I am America 
Through the changes of many seasons
I have forged children of valor, courage and compassion
Warriors of the idea of change and the  upholders of tradition
From past, present and forever
For I am America 

The Preppy Times

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