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Can you remember as a youngster the first time you smelled pipe tobacco?  Perhaps it was granddad's pipe when he took you out for your first hunt.  Or simply dad sitting by the fire reading the paper or milling about doing yard work.  For many preps it is an all too familiar smell that brings about a sense of home, a sense of family.  And for those of us who have lost a parent, a sense of honoring and remembering.
It was not only suited for the paternal side of our families.  I actually had a great grandmother who occasionally smoked a pipe.............go figure.

There is something very dignified in smoking a good pipe.  It is personal and an important item in the gentleman's arsenal.  It is not as harsh as say a cigar but is smooth and elegant.  There is an old saying  "the man that smokes a cigar, smokes it for himself but the man that smokes a pipe, smokes it for everyone else". 
I myself took up the hobby after college and enjoy a good pipe when I work outside, or when I'm working on my model boats.

Like most pipe enthusiasts I've come to collect more than several and use them in rotation.
One of my favorites is Peterson's System Pipes of Dublin.

The Peterson System is the mainstay of the Peterson pipe family, famous for the unparalleled smoking pleasure it provides.   Often imitated but never equalled, the Peterson System smokes dry, cool and sweet, thanks to the scientific effectiveness of the original design. The heart of the System is the unique graduated bore in the mouthpiece. The result is that all the moisture flows into the reservoir and, thus cannot reach the smoker's mouth.

The Peterson Lip further enhances the effectiveness of the graduated bore by directing the flow of smoke upwards and away from the tongue. This achieves a uniquely even distribution of smoke and virtually eliminates any chance of tongue-bite or bitterness.

Furthermore, the shape is scientifically contoured so that the tongue rests comfortably in the depression under the opening. Each "P-Lip" mouthpiece is made from superior quality vulcanite.

My own vintage Peterson's System Pipe 317 with a bit of Irish Flake Tobacco

With the P lip mouthpiece removed

Peterson's pipes are ideal for the beginner smoker as they smoke dry, as well as the seasoned smoker for pure enjoyment.  I can't say enough about the aesthetics of their pipes.  They are as beautiful to hold in your hand and observe as they are to smoke.


Posted By O. Cavanaugh

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