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During the allotted days in May, July and September the little town of Brimfield boils over from 3500 to 130,000 visitors. Each person looking for that special something that you just can't find all in one place. It is a collectors mecca, having.....well....whatever your heart desires. If you are looking for antiques, tools, memorabilia, furniture that's one of a kind or any little artifact for your home, car, shed or whatever. You'll find it here.
It is a resting place for many an artisans, collectors or buyers. This place is for the serious buyer though. The place is overwhelming to say the least. And if you're a person like myself who fancies a flea market or antique shop, you will think that you've died and Saint Peters is calling you from behind that 1929 rod iron gate going for the price of $250.00. Good God man I've got to have that gate.

"I've done this show for 20 years," says Wayne Howell, from Unionville, New York, he of the $4,000 mirror frame at May's field. "If you're buying, it's the best one to buy at. If you're selling, it's the best one to sell at. Everyone has an equal shot at finding a treasure. If you're looking for a meteorite, this is the place to find it."
Buyers, sellers, it's all the same at Brimfield. Ultimately, it's the love of the rare and the odd, that is the common factor for everyone.
I plan to go there when my schedule allows, especially for the experience. My advice to you the reader.......Bring lots of cash.
You can get the what's what by going to the site
Happy hunting.
excerpt taken by Annie Graves for Yankee Magazine.
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