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O.K. I must admit.  I'm just not into the muscle cars, never was.  The cars built for speed, you know, the Ferrari, the Porsche, Mustang GTs, Lamborghini.  Of course if given one of these makes, I certainly would not turn it down.  Yet I'd probably sell it, take the money and invest in a nice classic model.  Enter  the Bayerische Motoren Werke's 1965 CS Bertone Coupe.  This car is a classic among classics.  I mean a sheer beauty.

Some people would not consider this car a luxury model.  I totally disagree.  A car like this if well cared for can run you a nice little penny.
The BMW 3200 CS is a sports touring car first presented by BMW at the 1961 Frankfurt Motor Show, and assembled at Munich in collaboration with Bertone between February 1962 and September 1965. It was BMW’s top range model and a final variation on the big BMW models first introduced in 1951. The 3200 CS was also the last V8 engined automobile developed by BMW until the introduction of the BMW 740i in 1992.The car was a natural successor to the elegant BMW 503. However, its arrival coincided with the launch of the BMW 1500. Before this, BMW’s postwar offerings had been restricted to large cars that sold in low volumes and very small cars which also tended to sell only in modest numbers. The new 1500 marked a successful entry into an aspirational niche within the middle market segment that would enable BMW to combine reasonable margins with reasonable volumes, thereby giving the business a robust financial footing for the first time in two decades. The introduction of the 3200 CS was a relatively low profile affair, therefore. Both during and after its period in production, attention has tended to focus on other aspects of BMW’s progress. Sources differ concerning numbers produced, but the early 1960s were years of strong economic growth: with approximately 600 produced, the car appears moderately to have outperformed its predecessor in the market place.

Here are the stats for this model:
Manufacturer:  BMW
Production:  1962-1965, 600 built
Predecessor:  BMW 503
Successor:  Glas V-8
BodyStyle:  2 door coupe
Layout:  FR layout
Transmission:  4 speed manual
Wheelbase:  112 inches
Length:  191 inches
Width:  69 inches
Height:  58 inches
Weight:  3,300 lbs.
Designer:  Bertone

For those of you who are really into classic cars and this model in particular, can read a good article over on

That's all for now.  I hope to see you guys on the road.  If you have some classic models on your mind, please share the wealth.  Until next time..............

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