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Ahhhh yes!  Nothing says good times like sailing.  This is a new category that I've felt compelled to add.  It will be all about sailing and boats.  Since I've become a neophyte sailing enthusiast, I'm thinking how appropriate, as sailing and the prep lifestyle go hand in hand.
Though I'm personally partial to boats made of wood and not fiberglass, I must say I've always been drawn to the West Wight Potter.  This is the kind of boat that's not too big or too small.  You could hitch it up to even a compact car and be on your way.  And for the price, (potters start at 18,000.00 brand spanking new for say a potter 19 or as low as 4,000.00) you can't beat that.  Ideal as a weekend yacht, it's just right for say couples who just want to get out and enjoy a good sail.
The first West Wight Potter 14 was designed and built in 1960 by Stanley Smith of the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom for a planned transatlantic crossing. Smith and his brother had previously made a crossing in a larger vessel and Stanley intended his design for a personal, single-handed attempt. As the story goes, the upcoming sea trial created such demand for Smith's new design that he gave up on his transatlantic plans and became a boat builder, eventually producing more than 150 copies of his little yacht. Smith did eventually sail one of his designs from the Isle of Wight to Sweden but he never did make his planned Atlantic crossing.

Smith's West Wight Potters were built of plywood and, in 1966, Herb Stewart of Inglewood, Calif., bought one, used it to make molds for a fiberglass model, and began HMS Marine, Inc., to build and market the West Wight Potter in the United States.


Here is a cool site where you can get used Potters

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