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Before Martha's Vineyard became a tourist destination and one of the favorite places to vacation for preppies. Before the lighthouses of Cape Cod beckoned us like sirens of yore. Before Nantucket touched our hearts with it's quaint and quiet charms there was Bermuda.
Bermuda which is owned and under British rule was popular with the old WASP and preppies in the forties.
Remember, the Bermuda short was started here. Some would even argue that the famous Nantucket Reds called Breton red was actually started here.
I'm currently writing the draft to this post right here in Kings Wharf Bermuda. I will publish it when I get home. This is actually the wife and my second time here. The first time which was last year was in the historic St. George. It boasts the oldest Anglican Church outside of Europe, St. Peters also known as the unfinished church. We decided to take another cruise this year after we fell in love with Bermuda last year. Perhaps we can retire here someday. Interesting enough the average home in Bermuda is 1.4 million, not to mention that you have to rent before you buy for a solid year an amount that is even more than a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan. So we'll see about retirement.
Right now we're right across from The Commissioners House

This place is actually a British Fort that's also known as the Maritime Museum.

So like I've mentioned earlier, the wife and I decided on taking the cruise out of Boston. Let me tell you that it was an ordeal. We thought hey a nice road trip to up the coast through the southern New England States would do us good before the cruise. Wind in your hair, nice scenery, singing along with the radio and a chance to get closer, who could ask for more? Right, let's make a go it.
First off my wife decides on the day we were to leave for Boston (a work day) to get up and exercise. Now mind you, we reside near Annapolis Maryland and traffic can be pretty bad. We ended up leaving close to 11 o'clock. To start things off the GPS went screwy, directing us to go somewhere near Indianapolis. I fix that and 5 hours later we hit New York City Rush Hour. This set our time back quite a bit to say the least. To make matters worst, the stat of Connecticut decides to do a little construction at 7 pm. shutting all lanes down to one.
To make a long story short, the trip which should have taken us 9 hours tops ended up taking 12. Boston found us beaten, tired and begging for mercy.
Luckily the cruise was the next day and embarkation was starting at 1 o'clock.
The ship is called The Norwegian Spirit and she was huge. We really love this cruise line because they have freestyle cruising.  This means that you're free to eat, play or do whatever with no set times for anything.  We set sail at around 4 and to be honest I was exhausted. I took a nap and pondered all the exciting things to come.
Let me tell you if you're not aware. The Atlantic Ocean particularly around Boston are rough. Our cabin was FORWARD and we felt every wave. Now I pride myself having sea legs but that went right out of the window. My first day was filled with nausea and ginger ale.
Take my advice, if you ever plan on taking a cruise pleeeeeease demand a cabin between the center and AFT.
All in all I would still recommend cruising. It's a nice way to visit ports and just have a good time.
I shan't bore you further. Enjoy the photos and if you ever get a chance to see Bermuda by all means go. It's wonderful.
Oh and if you ever stay in Boston, you have to stay at the Seaport Hotel.  They're top notch.  Here's the link 


This was our tour guides Nigel and Karla  for an excursion we took.  They were a lot of fun.

- Posted by O. Cavanaugh Jr.

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