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Jack's Outback II

Along Route 6a in Yarmouth port, hidden behind buildings and a parking lot sits an eerie Cape Cod eatery known to locals as Jack’s Outback II.  Several years ago, it was simply called Jack’s Outback. 
Jacks back then was a good wake-up call to those with delusions of grandeur who needed a slice of humble pie.  Come to think of it, humble pie might have been on their menu. 
First off, the place is hard find unless you are a local and if you blink, you might miss it.   The restaurant is set in a large white house typically found on the Cape and honestly, the best breakfast food you will ever get.  I am talking about food you would eat at grandma’s home on a Sunday morning, and that would fatten you up in a New York minute. 

The late Jack Bragington

Yet the real appeal for visitors and one not understood by the local diners, is the odd restaurant rules set up by onetime proprietor, Jack Bragington.  These rules are so eccentric that an unaware tourist might think they may have somehow stepped into the twilight zone.
Here is what you could expect on any given day; celebratory hooting and hollering by the staff over tips and confused tourists waiting for someone to take their orders, at Jacks you write your own food ticket and place it on the wheel.  You also get your own coffee and silverware and if you do not pick up your food fast enough, expect the wrath of Jack.  You were also expected to wipe down your own table and pay with cash, no credit cards allowed. 
Think Mayberry in New England where everyone has gone crazy and you will have a feel for the place.  Honestly, it is all in good fun and no one took Jack seriously.
That was then.  Jack has since passed away, God rest his soul.  Also gone are the crazy antics of the staff.  Visitors now place orders the conventional way.  It is a more restrained restaurant but what has not changed is the awesome food.

Jack's Golden Retriever who was spoiled rotten

The lobster omelets are still top notch, as are their famous popovers, home fries; prime rib and delectable pies.  I would advise trying everything on the menu. You will not be disappointed and the portions are huge as well.
Therefore, if you are ever on the Cape and looking for a restaurant with a homey feel, try Jack’s Outback II, and bring your appetite.
Jack’s Outback II
161 Route 6A
Yarmouth Port, MA. 02675
(508) 362-6690

This sign really captures the humor of Jack's Outback II

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