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Do you have children preparing to attend an Ivy League School that would like to see what classes are like? Perhaps you've always wanted to audit a class on a particular subject outside of your major.
Well here's your chance. There is currently a growing trend throughout major universities including the Ivy league for offering free introductory courses and lectures.
Today the focus will be Yale University's Open Courses.

About Yale University

Yale was established in 1701.
Among its impressive achievements, Yale’s roots can be traced back to the 1640s when colonial clergymen led an effort to establish a college in New Haven to preserve the tradition
of European liberal education in the New World. Now one of only eight Ivy League schools, Yale is home to a world-class medical center comprising more than a dozen institutions. This includes the School of Medicine (chartered in 1810), which has been educating leaders, caring for patients, and investigating the scientific basis of health and disease for nearly 200 years. Yale University is one of only eight prestigious Ivy League schools, considered “a tradition, a company of scholars, a society of friends.” Yale is a large research university with a wide array of schools, programs, departments, centers, museums, and affiliated organizations. The faculty of Yale University is as impressive as
the institution itself. At Yale, 91% of all full-time teaching faculty have doctoral degrees, first professional degrees, and or appropriate degrees in their fields. You can be sure you
will be learning from some of the best of the best when you attend Yale University, either on campus, or via Yale University online courses.

Yale University Online Courses

Yale University just recently started offering a free online video lecture series, which they call the “Open Yale Courses.” The purpose of the Yale University online courses is to provide
“free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Online Yale University. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.” Yale University online courses offer a unique opportunity as the free video lectures are taught by professors and scholars of distinction.

Here is what Yale says:

Open Yale Courses reflects the values of a liberal arts education. Yale's philosophy of teaching and learning begins with the aim of training a broadly based, highly disciplined intellect without specifying in advance how that intellect will be used. This approach goes beyond the acquisition of facts and concepts to cultivate skills and habits of rigorous, independent thought: the ability to analyze, to ask the next question, and to begin the search for an answer. We hope the lectures and other course materials on this site will be a resource for critical thinking, creative imagination, and intellectual exploration. All lectures were recorded in the Yale College classroom and are available in video, audio, and text transcript format. Registration is not required and no course credit is available.

At this time, the Yale University Online
Courses include the following:
Biomedical Engineering
Classics Ecology and Evolutionary Economics
English History
History of Art
Italian Language and Literature
Molecular, Cellular and Development
Music Philosophy
Political Science
Religious Studies

For information go to

Open Yale Courses is generously funded and supported by: The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
The Yale Center for Media and Instructional Innovation

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  1. I have downloaded these lectures on my iPad and simply found it be enriching. Here is a link to the app for other who might want to give it a shot

  2. That's excellent jm1714626. The ability to learn something new definitely doesn't have to stop after college. Thanks for your contribution.