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You know, for some reason I become melancholic this time of year.  Whenever I'm down I usually pick up something for myself.  It's never anything major.  Just a little pick me up.  I don't know how I found myself in the J Press Shop but I was mysteriously drawn to the ribbon belt display.  Have I mentioned before that I love ribbon belts.  You can never have enough.  Anyway I picked up this navy and sky blue belt and a smile came upon my face.  I knew this was it!! 

The folks over at J Press are always very helpful and it really is a wonderful place to shop, regardless of what some people might think.

Couldn't Wait to get it home

I love wrapping paper

There she is....

Ahhhhh the finished product

If you're a ribbon belt fanatic such as myself and aren't near a J Press, then check  These belts are very well made and might I add, they're made in America.


2011 Best Of the Cape & Islands Ballot

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