Celebrating the Preppy Lifestyle and it's sensibilities


Besides our parents, grandparents and our minds, children are our greatest assets.  They like ourselves should look the best they can in a multitude of situations.  After all, they are miniature versions of us and our value system. 
I've searched about to find some essential items for both boys and girls.  The kind of pieces that make you glad you've decided to bring them into the world.  Hail to the little preppies.

Bailey Boys Outfits over at

Vineyard Vines is a great place to dress the kids, and you can be assured that the outfits will be preppy without pretension.

Girls Tiki Dress

Little girls Seascape Dress

Toddler Busy Bee Skort

Boys Pique Polo

Girls Classic Pique Polo

Boys Seersuckers Pants

Girls Ruffled Polo Dress

Girls Martha's Vineyard Signs Flip Flops

We all know the whimsical beauty in Lilly Pulitzer's outfits for women but I've found a few pieces meant just for your little tots.

Lilly Little Boys Atlantique Polo and Shorts

Lilly's Little Lilly Shift

Lilly's Rory Cardigan Ruffles

Shayna Maxi Dress....toooo adorable

Here is some Ralph Lauren.  I'm always amazed at the fact that manufacturer's can do they things they do with little amounts of fabric to make stunning outfits.

Infant Girls Cotton Cable Cardigan, how sweeeeet

Ralph Madras Dress

Boys Big Pony Polo with USA Flag

Baby Polos, (I'm giggling now)

(Ah, little miss preppy!)

Ralph Lauren layered look with boys Rugby.  Only Ralph could pull off such a contemplative subject matter.

(I have no words for this one)

I ran across these other items that I felt were a must.

Girls Lacoste Polo Dress

Jack Purcell Canvas Sneakers

Monogrammed Clogs over at

Madras Wristlet over at

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